Brushing Your Cat’s Teeth

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How should I go about brushing my cat's teeth?

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Have you ever tried brushing your cat’s teeth? Linda Debowes, Co-owner of Shoreline Veterinary Dental Clinic in Seattle, says removing dental plaque helps keep kitty’s teeth and gums in tip-top condition. She states, “you really need to do it every day to help maintain your pet’s health.”

If you’ve never brushed your cat’s teeth before, start slowly. Rub her lips with tuna water or chicken broth, and then give her a reward. Do this for a few days. Then put a dab of cat toothpaste on a child-sized toothbrush and let the cat lick it off. Once your kitty is used to that, lift her lip and gently brush the outside of one canine tooth. Over time, extend the process to other teeth. Brush only the outer surfaces.

– Dr. Andrea Looney, DVM