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How should I properly bathe my dog?

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An occasional bath is good for a dog. But if you wash your dog improperly, you could do more harm than help. So here are some tips…

Before washing a dog, you’ll need to choose a shampoo. Dogs with dry or sensitive skin, or who are bathed more often, may need special, medicated shampoo from a veterinarian. Dogs who are bathed infrequently, on the other hand, can tolerate most human shampoos.

Never wash your dog with an outside hose because the water is too cold. Instead, put a nonskid mat on the bottom of a bathtub, and run lukewarm water until it reaches the dog’s knee level. Wet the pup down using a pitcher or detachable shower spray, lather him up all over, and rinse thoroughly.

– Dr. Larry McDaniel, DVM