Dogs and Construction

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Home repairs and redecorating can be hectic for the family, and dogs can become upset by the disruption of their daily routine. By anticipating their needs, you can help dogs get through the upheaval of home repairs and redecorating and be as happy in the refurbished home as in their old surroundings.

Keep your dog in an enclosed area with his favorite blanket, toys and other favorite objects to help provide some measure of security. Avoid putting a frightened dog in an area with a large window. A fearful dog might try to crash through the window to escape the noise.

After the workers leave for the day, dogs (like children) still need supervision and protection, as there may be sharp tools, paint, mineral spirits, paint remover, wood preservatives and other harmful items present.

Scrapings or dust from the removal of lead-based paint present another potential danger. The Centers for Disease Control has estimated that 80 percent of the private housing units built before 1980 contain some lead-based paint. Prevention is the best protection against lead poisoning. If feasible, have lead-based paint professionally removed and keep your dog away from the area. Be certain flaking paint or paint dust is promptly removed.

If bare wires are exposed, the possibility of an electric shock or even electrocution exists. Keeping your dog away from the work area is the best way to protect him.

If your kitchen is the focus of remodeling, you may rely on carryout food for several days or weeks. Carefully dispose of leftover food, paper containers and plastic wrap. A thorough clean-up can help keep dogs from eating leftovers or swallowing plastic wrap.

If it is a one-day job, take your dog to the groomer, a kennel that offers “doggie day care”, or to visit a pet-loving friend.

If your remodeling project is an extended one, you may want to board your dog or, if possible, isolate him in an area in the house that is free from remodeling.

As much as possible maintain routines of grooming and exercise and provide additional companionship and reassurance.