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How can I keep my cat from vomiting in car rides?

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Many cats panic or even vomit during car rides, but there are some ways to help prevent your traveling tabby from becoming a queasy kitty.

To keep your cat from becoming miserable in motion, get her used to being in a carrier by letting her sleep and play in it at home. When you do go for a ride, cover the carrier with a blanket so your kitty feels safe. A particularly timid tabby may also benefit from a few short trial runs prior to taking a long drive.

To prevent vomiting, it’s also a good idea to keep your cat’s stomach empty on the day you travel. Feed her at your destination instead of before you go.

These simple steps should have your cat on the road to being a better traveler. But if she’s still struggling to stay stress-free in the car, ask your veterinarian about getting tranquilizers for long drives.

– Dr. Andrea Looney, DVM