Wet and Dry Cat Food

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Why might my veterinarian recommend feeding my cat both wet and dry food?

The following article is taken from the "Purina® Animal Instincts" Podcast Series. Learn more at www.purina.com.

People fight like cats and dogs about whether it’s best to feed your favorite feline wet or dry food. Some say that wet food better mimics a cat’s natural diet, and because it contains more protein and water, it helps prevent dehydration and urine crystals. But dry food doesn’t spoil as easily, and the texture may prevent tartar buildup and other dental problems.

So what to do? Many veterinarians believe the best option is actually a compromise. Feeding both wet and dry food allows you to give your kitty the best of both worlds. So put the debate to rest and focus instead on providing plenty of water and a high-quality diet that suits your cat’s age and lifestyle. Ask your veterinarian for a recommendation.

– Dr. Andrea Looney, DVM