Cat Skin Itching

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My cat seems very itchy. What is going on?

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If your cat licks until her fur falls out, she may suffer from an inhalant allergy. Feline skin allergies are very common, and food is not the only cause. Sometimes cats are allergic to pollen, mold, mildew, or other things in the air. In fact, the same things that trigger hayfever in humans can make felines itch like mad. The itchiness can be so uncomfortable for a cat that the animal will lick itself until its skin is rubbed raw. The problem can be seasonal or year-round.

If your cat has these symptoms, check with your vet for an accurate diagnosis. An allergy test can help determine the culprit, and for the vast majority of cats, an occasional antihistamine, allergy shot, or steroid treatment is all that is needed to stop the itching.

– Dr. Andrea Looney, DVM