Crystals in Cat Urine

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I see crystals in my cat's urine. What does this mean and what can I do about it?

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If crystals suddenly start showing up in your favorite feline’s litter box, this could forecast a rocky road ahead. A buildup of crystals may lead to a urinary tract problem.

The good news is that the problem may be caused by your cat’s diet, which is easy to control. Fish-flavored foods increase the chances of crystal formation, so avoid them if you can. And since dehydration can contribute to kitty’s crystal calamity, always make sure clean, fresh water is available. Also keep in mind that canned food is generally moister than dry cat food.

As always, these basic remedies are not an alternative to seeking your veterinarian’s advice – crystals are a clear sign to have your cat checked out.

– Dr. Larry McDaniel, DVM