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Gastrointestinal upset in your pet can have many different causes and a wide array of signs. Here you'll find the basics of GI problems, and a path to take to get your pet feeling better.
Pet Gastrointestinal Issues
Gastrointestinal upset is one of the most common reasons dogs and cats are brought to their veterinarians. Digestive problems can result in the following:
Some digestive problems may resolve once the digestive system is given a chance to rest. But more serious conditions could result in weight loss, dehydration and debilitation. Your veterinarian can determine the next steps, which may include switching to a special food for dogs with diarrrhea
Causes of GI Upset
Many factors can affect your pet's gastrontestinal health and impair his ability to digest and absorb nutrients. Some common triggers include:
Can Probiotics Help?
Probiotics are live microorganisms that, when ingested, have a beneficial effect on the digestive system by promoting improved microflora balance.
How Probiotics Work
Probiotics help protect the GI tract from harmful bacteria, which helps your pet feel his best.
Microflora balance helps support: Immune Health Minimization of digestive Upset Maintenance of normal fecal quality Nutritional benefits
Taking Action
Because of the many potential causes of GI upset, a visit to your veterinarian is usually the best course of action. Be prepared to answer the following questions, and ask if a probiotic like FortiFlora might help.
Has your pet experienced any of the following symptoms in the past ten days?
Diarrhea Soft stools Vomiting
Lethargy Blood in stool Increased flatulence (gas)
Have you noticed that your pet is less active?
Has your pet eaten anything atypical? (eaten from the trash bin, yard, plants, etc.)
Is your pet currently on any medications or antibiotics?
Have you changed your pet’s diet over the past 30 days?Does your pet eat table scraps or human food?
Has your pet’s routine or environment changed over the past 30 days? (travel, boarding at kennel, new family member, house guest, etc.)

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