Health & Nutrition

Fighting Pet Obesity

Pets at a healthy weight enjoy happier lives, and it is our mission to help every pet achieve that weight.

OM Overweight Management Canine and Feline Formulas

Nutrition First for a Lifetime of Wellness

Nutrition Myths

Did you know that feeding your pet a raw diet can be dangerous to both you and your pet? Click here to learn more about common pet food myths.

Nutrition Myths

Dog Health & Nutrition

Every dog needs proper nutrition to live a happy, healthy life. Find out about selecting a well-balanced dog food to aid in your dog's specific lifestyle.

Dog Health and Nutrition

Cat Health & Nutrition

Your cat's health is the number one reason for choosing a quality, well-balanced cat food. Learn how the proper nutrition for your cat can aid in a happier, healthier life.

Cat Health and Nutrition